Duben 2010

What can you do with your mouth...Take a look!

28. dubna 2010 v 0:22 Zpátky v Čechách...nejspíš ne na dlouho

Recently I just discovered this fantastic vocal group! They are Voca People and they are performing without any effects neither instruments. Unfortunatelly they perform mostly in Brazil or Tel Aviv...So hopefully one day they will come closer to Europe.:-)

Strange. Or maybe not.

25. dubna 2010 v 0:09 | Veronika Pitrová |  Zpátky v Čechách...nejspíš ne na dlouho
Strange how can you piss off people only because you exist. Descartes used to say "Cogito ergo sum" (I think, therefore I am) and I could say I am therefore I am pissing people off.

Depuis que je suis revenue en Tchequie j'ai toujours impression que tout irait mieux sans moi. Oui, ya des exceptions biensur, comme partout. Mais quand meme...

Je n'aime pas la jalousie. Non, encore pire. Je la deteste. Parce que d'apres moi, la jalousie arrive seulement quand l'un n'est pas content de lui-meme.

And I just wanted to say that life would be sooooo much easier and better if everybody take care about his own business.

Et je toujours disais....Chaque personne qu'on croisse dans notre vie nous apporte quelque chose. Il y un role. Mais cela ne veut dire qu'il y va rester jusqu'on est mort! Non, exactement au contraire!!!

Il y a des gens dans notre vie qui y restent. Mais il y en a milliers de ceux qui parternt apres avoir fini leur mission.

Heureusement, je pense j'ai pas mal de ceux qui y restent, meme s'il sont au quatre coins du monde et je ne les vois souvent....Mais il y a UNE que j'ai laissé partir. Adieu...

Volební kampaň finišuje...a tohle bych nazvala zajímavým zpestřením.

22. dubna 2010 v 18:48 | Veronika Pitrová |  Zpátky v Čechách...nejspíš ne na dlouho

Díky Facebooku se tenhle klip dostal do 24 hodin na stránky webů, novin i do Událostí, komentářů na ČT.

Osobně mi to nepřijde ani urážlivé, ani za hranou. Některé antikampaně politických stran jsou podle mého v mnohém drsnější.

A jak, že se to říká...? Jo, pro pravdu se člověk zlobí....

Tady anglický originál, kterým se nechal Petr Zelenka inspirovat.

A tady ještě zniňované Události, komentáře a Petr Zelenka vysvětlujíc svůj záměr.

Volcanic ash makes the sky off the planes! Stuck in Prague?

17. dubna 2010 v 23:00 | Veronika Pitrová |  Zpátky v Čechách...nejspíš ne na dlouho

The volcano on Iceland is still producing the ash and due to the wind, the ash is straight carried towards Europe... what is worse that no one can really predict when it will be safe enough to fly again...

Therefore, I can imagine how desperate I would be in that situation and this is why I decided to help. So if you or some of your friends are stuck in Prague or anywhere in the region and you have no place to stay, let me know and we will sort it out. :-) Im serious...cause if you saw the latest images, it really doesnt seem to be over.

V Paříži otevřeli kavárnu, kde si během kafe spíchnete kabát

14. dubna 2010 v 23:57 | Veronika Pitrová |  Zpátky v Čechách...nejspíš ne na dlouho

Na úplném konci Televizních novin najdete reportáž o šicí kavárně v Paříži. :-)

Zase o rok víc... / Another year gone...

13. dubna 2010 v 11:29 | Veronika Pitrová |  Zpátky v Čechách...nejspíš ne na dlouho

Loni jsem slavila na trávníku před Eiffelovkou, letos to bylo pravda trochu skromnější, ale taky příjemné. Zase jsem měla dort :-)

Last year I was celebrating my B-Day on Champs de Mars in front of the Eiffel Tower, well, this year it was much more modest but in any case worse. I had a cake so I could make a wish...;-)

my sister and me
Ségra a já / My little sister and myself

Abandoned Paris surprises me even after year of living there

5. dubna 2010 v 18:52 | Veronika Pitrová |  Zpátky v Čechách...nejspíš ne na dlouho
I just came back after one week in France, mostly Paris but I also made a trip to see my old friends, i.e. ex- profs de francais in Rouen, Normandy.

Although I was living in Paris for almost a year, this city can surprise me even now.:-) I went to Paris to do several interviews concerning the French journalism and often I was invited to people's homes. One was at "Quai de la Seine" and even thought the person gave me the post code 75 019 I went to look for it near the Seine, thinking that he might just typed it wrong. :-)

Well, nothing was wrong but me! So when I discoved at Alma Marceau that there is only Quai d'Orsay but no Quai de la Seine, I bought a plan and I nearly hit the pavement.

So, for you who don't know Paris - Quai de la Seine is in about 20 minut by metro from the real Seine. And the only water which could remind the Seine is Bassin de la Vilette which is just en face.


Experience anyway and big lesson for next time! Not everything with "Seine" included in the name is placed CLOSE to the Seine.:-)

And this is how looks ABANDONED Pont des Arts....without you and you and you and you.... I took few minutes there to revive some nice moments (toga session, picque-nicque, my b-day etc.)